How to Rule the World and Overdeal Racial Discrimination

Getting weary of being dwellers to L’archipel Indien? Being “Those Opressed People from the East”? Or, if I’d been more into real sarcasm, “Those People with equal C of Culture and Corruption ”?
Yeah, sure. Like it matter.
There are a lot of way for wannabees like you to be eccentric, to stand-out amongst people. Here are some. Try it. A stare won’t morph you from the Ugly Duckling to Ballet Swan.

1. Be an eccentric one. Think like you don’t belong to the circle. Go laugh at serious matter. Elaborate games. When people see it “Monopoly”, you see it “Alternate Reality Program: Climbing Up to a Tycoon and Purchasing the World by Bucks Not Even Your Own”. Or, at “Quake”, “Doom”, or “Counter-strike”. It’s not how others see it. They’re really a “Survival Training Program: How to Get Back at Terrorist, Monsters-Bigger-than-Bad-Tempered-Teachers, and Looneys-Crazier-than-Ivan”. Yeah. Those are the real picture. You were fooled when they said “It’s all great game!”. They’re not a-just-game. They’re far more serious. Want proof? Google for how much fund they spent on making things that spawn fun. Well, world’s a big liar, mon frere.

2. As for laughing at serious matter, mind your terrain. Don’t say it out loud. You might hurt people. Tsunami is really wave too big as a reaction to a stone too big thrown too fast at the water too big. Hah! Now, you see who’s the big drama? Terrorism is another one: Scared babies up-grown with no ability (and people-who-got-ability who had the will to help) to cure the scare. Instead, they met peers along the way. Fraters and Sorores who share-bear the same terror. Well, they end up making a team who could blow up towers, cafe, and make America blue, while Middle-East Red. Great colouring, pal!
And, to make it worse. Big Brothers wants to join the game: they put the babies in jail, execute them when they think it’s time, making other babies continuing the play. Making it an endless shuffle. A game with amazing replayability. Real-Time strategy with infinite deathmatch. Game is never over. Bah!

3. Mock at stupid jargons that even the l’genesis have no idea on what difference it will gave birth to: Literary Journalism (in more laughable languange: Jurnalisme Sastra), Science Fiction: What are those things? Jurnalisme Sastra, you’re first to mock: Journalism is a way, an ideas of mankind (on future, all livingbeing) materializing their memory into a more solid surface (read: having a diary with lifesucks-lifesucks-lifesucks, in endless repetition, written all over it). And, what’s with Sastra? Ideas on how human write things never their own? Wrong, fool. It’s just a way people put their ideas into. Covered in shady details, or naked in vulgarness, they’re still A LIT. So, what’s so different? Both are ideas on how to make others read about you (‘coz they won’t care to listen to your broken-pitch voice). Why differs?
And, for the second one (SF, it’s your turn, now): So, subsconcious-superconscious, you’re saying that you’re making science-less writing this whole time? Making a crap from your extracerebral imagination? #2 attempt wrong, foolish. Imaginations are science, too. All this world is science. Oh, come on! Don’t tell me you were sleeping at school. Ah, I expect too much from you, i see. This universe is science, you-snoring is science, you-feeling jealousy is science, you-banging your head at stressful time is science, you-attracted to a cutie while having a firm relationship is science, even you-being prefering a member of the same sex in doing steamy phantasm is science! The world is just a big laboratory!
Differing science from real life is as pathetic as seeing difference in Science Classes and Social Science Classes. Plus, as stupid as believing that Science is an enemy to Deism Study (AK-to mediocrite-As Religion). Oh, come on! Believing-slash-Faith is a theory of Brain Study! Of Psychology and all. And, yeah, sometimes Politics, Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, too. It’s all in the lab. So, fool you.

4. Don’t put yourself in a grief, mediocrite. Mediocrity is not a bad thing. At all. I’m not lying. Look at my nose. It’s not pinochio, it’s just white. Geez, I’m just white-lying you! People from the mediocre box tend to accomplish their goal by ways shown in Tv. Mistake is, the good Tv don’t just show up easy. They need effort, jaunty-and-colourful one, which mediocrites are often (to not mention always) missing.

I put this note on idle for quite some days. And, here it goes: It ends without conclusion. Well, yeah, it’s not that easy, as well as difficult, to rule the world. You’ll need either delusion or damn sense of reality.

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